Pay Per Click Advertising Services

To provide Pay Per Click service, SEO Consulting teamed up with Wisdek, one of the largest online business development companies.

Wisdek makes Pay Per Click advertising tactic effortless and successful. Pay Per Click search engine placement allows to by-pass the tedious process of website optimization, and directs traffic to your website within hours. The advertisement consists of text ads that are placed by search engines at a higher positions then organic search results. When the potential client clicks on the displayed ad, account of the site owner is charged the preset amount of money.

Wisdek offers full advertisement services for all its clients. They research keywords and select the most appropriate to serve your business needs, ensuring the optimal relevance- to-cost ratio. They develop an optimized campaign, in accordance to your Geographical location, industry and budget. Once your account is active on the search engines, in-depth reporting is made available to you on ad hock or monthly basis, and is designed to monitor performance of any search engine placement campaign.

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