Search Engine Friendly Web Design

At SEO Consulting we only offer a search engine friendly web design (redesign) to provide more accurate and higher placed search engine results for your keywords.

We optimize meta tags, titles and description of your pages to the keywords that are best related to your content and are achievable to get to the top of search engines results.

Moreover, we create descriptive heading tags with the keyword phrases placed in the same order as your keyword phrases that are within your meta tags. We also optimize the number and quality of images to speed up loading time of your web site. We use descriptive alt tags for all images to enhance your website with more relevant and search engine friendly keywords.

Our Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is designed to implement a clean search engine friendly web design. At SEO Consulting we take time to validate HTML code by running it through an html validator, thus providing our customers with results-oriented and search engine friendly web design.

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